Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I love Japan in the World Showcase, part II

After hearing "my kids don't like EPCOT" so many times, I felt the need to spread the word about how wonderful this particular park really is.  It's also my children's favorite park.

My first post was also about Japan - about how you (kids and grown-ups alike!) can try on kimonos in Japan. Today I want to tell you about a show that is NOT to be missed:  Miyuki.

Miyuki is a candy artist - and art form popular in Japan.  These artists would entertain on street corners and folk festivals by creating flowers and animals from soft rice candy (sort of like taffy).  Miyuki was the first and the only woman trained in this amazing art.  And an artist she is.  She can take a “ball” of candy and create the most amazing animals – right before your very eyes. 

The transformation that that "ball" of soft rice candy makes - it's beyond words.  I love when she does winged creatures.  I don’t know how she does it – but it’s amazing to see.

Here is Miyuki making some more candy art (a green dragon and a sea turtle):

When you arrive at EPCOT, be sure to consult your times guide for Miyuki’s show times for the day.  (I believe that she does not do shows at all on Saturdays.)  I would arrive at least 15 minutes early.  She has a cart right at the main entrance to the Mitsukoshi department store – so you’ll want to secure a spot at the rope.  She’ll ask her audience which animals she should make – and if your child is quiet and polite, they will usually get a chance to make a request.

Many years ago, the guest making the request could keep the animal that she made, but due to food safety laws, that element has been removed – but you can still get your picture taken with your requested creation.

 (now the above picture was taken about 5 years ago - back when you could keep the candy art - and that's a purple cat requested by my daughter Madalyn.  You can see her from last fall two pictures up.  And my older daughter's friend - Claire - that's her on the right above - and then in the photo above, that's her last summer with her requested purple unicorn.  Love to see my kids and their friends growing up at Disney!!)

So...what about you?  Have you ever seen a candy artist?  Have you ever tried the candy?


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  1. Neat post! I've seen this on Disney's website, but we've never caught a show. Fun to see and hear more about what it's like - I think this needs to go on The List! :)


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